Training Series

Based on our strategy, as we seek to have the Body of Christ come together in neighborhoods, we realize that many people will need help in getting started. So we put together an 9 session video training series that people in a neighborhood, who happen to attend different local churches, can go through together.


Video series (9 sessions in 3 categories):

Our relationship with God
Intimacy in the Word
Intimacy in Prayer

Our relationship with others
Praying for Neighbors (PRAY)
Meeting your Neighbors (EAT)
Serving your Neighbors (LOVE)

Tools to equip us
Knowing and Using Spiritual Gifts
Sharing the Gospel Pt.1 & Pt.2
Unity in the Body of Christ


Some key points to remember as you go through the series:
-This is not a checklist. You cannot ‘do’ one video and then move on. This is a lifestyle that should happen in and through us by the work of the Holy Spirit.
-Everything should happen naturally because of our relationship with God, so this must always be the primary focus.
-We use neighbors/neighborhood as an example, but this can certainly be used in all spheres of influence.
-This series does not need to be worked through one week at a time…it is OK to watch a video and then take time as a group to dive into that topic as needed, using the resources provided on the website.
-It is highly recommended that you take tangible steps in each area; this is not supposed to be mere head knowledge, but practical, applicable steps to take and to be accountable to each other.
-The videos are meant solely for the purpose of starting discussion. They are not meant to be an exhaustive, informative overview of any topic.
-People watching these videos are coming from many different backgrounds: denominationally, culturally, personal history/experience. Be open to different expectations and perspectives of this series.