Serving your Neighbors

1 John 3:18 — Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.


As you are praying for, and getting to know, your neighbors, God will probably begin to reveal ways that you can serve them. If it is not clearly evident, there’s always another option–ask them! As you have built up credibility with neighbors, it will be a natural thing to offer to help them in various ways. Perhaps it’s cooking them a meal, watching their kids, raking their leaves, helping with a project around the house, helping with an unexpected expense, etc. This is simply the next way to allow God’s light to shine through you to them.



1. Can you recall a time when someone met a need that you had? How did that make you feel, both internally and in regards to how you viewed that person?
2. What tangible needs do you see in your neighbors’ lives? What is one step you can take to help meet those needs?
3. How can it help people feel valuable when you share your struggles and/or receive help from them?
4. Does the PRAY-EAT-LOVE lifestyle make sense to you? If not, discuss any questions you may have as a group.


Application for the group (for a different meeting time):
Spend the next group time in your neighborhood meeting a need that you are aware of. Be creative and have fun with it. Don’t just meet the need, but connect with the people you are helping (bring food, games for kids, etc).


5 Ways to Bless your Neighbor (Dave Ferguson)


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