Sharing the Gospel

Romans 10:17 — Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.


We have covered our relationship with God and our relationships with neighbors. And while it is critical to ‘preach the Gospel in all we do’, we must also share the Gospel with our words. Sometimes this can feel a little overwhelming, so we suggest that you start by simply sharing your own personal grace story with a neighbor. By this point, you have built up a solid relationship that will allow you an open door just to talk about your own life (and God’s place in it). Then, at a future time, sharing the Gospel won’t be a big deal at all. Here’s a video with questions, application, and examples/resources to help you through this:




1. What is the Gospel, in your own words?
2. What is a grace story, or testimony? What ingredients should be included?
3. What are some barriers to communicating the Gospel and sharing our faith stories? Which of these obstacles are under our control, and which are beyond us? How can we overcome some of these obstacles?
4. How can we advance relationships with non-believers from being purely social into spiritual territory? How do you make that transition?
5. What key goals and guidelines should we have for communicating the Gospel?
6. What are some key Bible passages to know for summarizing the Gospel and sharing your faith with others?


Application for the group (for a different meeting time):
Practice sharing your testimony and the Gospel with each other. Give critiques to each other to help be more effective and comfortable sharing these. Watch the ‘I am Second’ and ‘CRU testimony’ links below for examples/ideas.


Christianity Explored
Two Ways to Live
Gospel Coalition
What Is the Gospel? (Greg Gilbert)
Questioning Evangelism (Randy Newman)
I am Second (sample testimonies)
CRU testimonies


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