Check your Progress

As a way to help you stay on track with the lifestyle put forth in this training series, here is a brief questionnaire that you can take periodically and see in what areas God has been growing you, and in what areas you may want to focus on.


1. How many days per week do you spend time in God’s Word? _______________

2. How many days per week do you spend time in prayer (not just for meals)?______________

3. What is the first name of 1-2 unchurched people you are in relationship with? ______________

-How often are you praying for the above name(s)? ___________________

-How often are you spending time with them and/or serving them? _________________________

4. How comfortable do you feel (from 1-10) to share the Gospel and/or your testimony? _________

-Have you had a chance to share you testimony or the Gospel with them? _________________

5. Do you know your spiritual gifts? _________________________________

-If so, what are they? ___________________________________________

-How are you using them to serve someone else? ____________________

6. Who are other believers you could live this out with? _________________



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