Our History

The Problem:
There was not much tangible unity in West Chester or Downingtown several years ago. In a broad sense, few pastors knew each other, and even fewer worked together in any meaningful way. But God brought together a group of pastors who were willing to invest time with each other to build relationships, pray for our towns, and corporately seek God’s will for this area.


The Need:
It was revealed to this group that of the 135,000 people living in West Chester and Downingtown, only about 10% were attending an evangelical church. So instead of protecting ‘our sheep’ from church-hopping, what if we were more focused on those who are not attending anywhere? What if we spent less time being threatened by each other, and more time realizing that we need each other?


The Process:
It has been a long, slow, often bumpy journey. But the commitment and perseverance of these pastors has produced an affinity, a trust, and a shared vision that is based around the Holy Spirit. We have certainly not ‘arrived’, but we know where we are going and are excited to take steps of faith together. We are one Church.


Our Foundation

Our Pastors